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The Garden Scoop

Featuring 'In the Garden' News-Gazette articles by Ryan Pankau, Horticulture Educator, and other horticulture articles.
Botany Dissection
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The Joys of Botany

A new class of students began Master Gardener training this month. The first class in the program is always Botany; the scientific study of plants. At first many trainees probably wonder why is this class necessary and when will we get to the good stuff like tomato diseases. Perhaps the beauty of the Master Gardener program is that volunteers from all walks of life are willing to step outside t...

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Bear Caption
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Sensational Succulents

Posted by Trent Hawker -

When asked about their favorite things, some people may begin their lists with things like raindrops on roses, or maybe whiskers on kittens. The culinarily inclined may mention bright copper kettles, and knitters might include warm woolen mittens. While these are all nice things, I think that any list of favorites is never complete without a plant or two (or ten). My list of horticultur...

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Rosebud in Dec
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'Vernalization' Why Plants Need Winter

For those of us who mentally X out each day as January passes and proclaim the best thing about February is that it isn’t January read on... With temperatures falling, schools closing and car batteries dying you may be wondering, “Is winter really necessary?” Being a warm weather person, I would say NO, except for one little thing… without winter there are some plants that would just not perfor...

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