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zinnia swizzle yellow scarlet
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Swizzle Zinnias-Not just a Phase

I think as gardeners we go through phases.  Heirloom vegetables, variegated foliage, miniature hostas, climbing roses, peony trees, ornamental grasses, and so forth; I have certainly had my share of plant phases. Right now I have returned to a phase from my younger gardening days. Zinnias were one of the first flowers I ever planted. They are so easy to grow, come in all shapes and sizes and ad...

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A Primer on Pollinators, Part 3 - Pollination Syndromes

While words like phalaenophily and psychophily might sound like terms only found in a medical dictionary, pollinator syndromes are actually used to assign certain characterisitics to different flowers. According to the Pollinator Partnership, pollinator syndromes "describe flower characteristics, or traits, that may appeal to a particular type of pollinator. Such characteristics can be...

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A Primer on Pollinators, Part 2 - Why do Plants need Pollinators?

Did you miss part one? Click here to read the first entry in this series. As a refresher: A pollinator is any animal that fertilizes a plant by moving the pollen (or male p...

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Surround Yourself with Succulents

Gardeners are avid learners who love to try their hand at anything new and exciting. On Tuesday, May 18 Vermilion County Master Gardener, Charlie Collom, presented a Make-it and Take-It Succulent program for the Champaign Master Gardener's regularly monthly program. Members from the community were invited to create their own succulent garden....

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