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Horticulture Hotline Happenings

Posted by Ava Heap -

July is the time of the year where plants show their wear. Here are the common problems occurring in homeowner landscapes: 1) Vulnerable Vegetables Heat-loving plants, such as tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers all love hot weather, but not persistent rains. The most common diseases affecting vegetable plants this year are fungal. Tomatoes have sig...

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Creating a Haven for Hummingbirds

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

Around April I begin obsessively checking the Hummingbird Migration website. Bird lovers across the state report the first hummingbird seen in their garden. Those sightings are compiled on a map by date and location. It is a great way to predict when they will appear in your yard. This year, I heard the first ruby-throated hummingbird whiz past me on April 20; based on the migration website he...

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When I am among the trees...

Posted by Trent Hawker -

While it's true that I find any gardening/plant-related /horticultural topic fascinating, there's nothing quite like sight of an old, majestic tree to really feel a sense of awe for the plant kingdom. I think it's really interesting to sit beneath a hundred-year-old tree and imagine the path it took from a tiny seed to become the impressive specimen it is today. While I will always find trees i...

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Lavishing in Lush Landscapes on Garden Walk

Posted by Ava Heap - Pollinators

On Saturday, June 20 the endless onslaught of rain ceased and the skies brightened up for the 23 rd annual Champaign County Master Gardener Garden Walk. An estimated 1400 people were inspired by the 6 homeowner gardens, University of Illinois Pollinatarium and the Master Gardener Idea Garden's. All proceeds from the Garden Walk help fund Master Gardener projects in Champaign County su...

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