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My Cinderella Story

Posted by Ava Heap -

Warning: this is not a story about prince charming, a fancy ball, or dazzling glass slippers. But, it does include a big, beautiful pumpkin. In early June, a big, fuzzy, vine popped up alongside our cornfield. My husband was courteous to mow around it so we could get a better look. After much banter, we narrowed it down to 2 things: a pumpkin or watermelon vine. Reviewing the...

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1 - Tomato  Pink Elephant

Saving Tomato Seeds

Posted by Trent Hawker -

I admit that I have a problem when it comes to ordering tomato seeds. Every year the words "easily influenced" are clearly stamped on my forehead while looking through seed catalogs. As I flip through the glossy pages and read the descriptions of each cultivar, I can't help but choose five or six (sometimes ten or twelve) new varieties to plant. I'm usually drawn to anything out of the...

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