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Featuring 'In the Garden' News-Gazette articles by Ryan Pankau, Horticulture Educator, and other horticulture articles.
Ornamental Callery Pear
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The Problem with Ornamental Pears

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

The Callery Pear was initially brought over from China in the early 1900's to help develop a more disease resistant fruit bearing pear tree. The unexpected result was the Bradford Pear; an ornamental pear which could tolerate a multitude of tough growing conditions. Heralding spring with their snow white blossoms they soon graced city streets and homes across America- until a major flaw became...

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Garden Day 2015 152
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Garden Day Workshop and Spring Festival 2016

Posted by Jenney Hanrahan -

Mid-winter can be a rather dreary time in East Central Illinois. The landscape is drab and a single yellow dandelion can be cause for celebration. Hang in there becauseā€¦ 'Spring is Coming' with the annual University of IL Extension Garden Day Workshop and Spring Festival. For nearly a decade local gardeners have kicked off spring by attending this yearly event. Garden Day features everything pl...

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