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Featuring weekly articles by Ryan Pankau, University of Illinois Horticulture Educator.
Golden Trowel

Celebrating Champaign County Master Gardeners

For the past 2 years, in the dark, dreary (and let's be honest, dreadful) month of February, Champaign County Master Gardeners take the time to celebrate volunteers at their awards ceremony. The following awards are distributed: Hour Awards Golden Trowel Making a Difference Friend of a Master Gardener For descriptions of each award, v...

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william baffin rose2

Stop and Smell the Roses

"A Rose is a rose is a rose." Gertrude Stein wrote those words in Sacred Emily in 1913. This romantic poem is interpreted to mean "things are the way they are." While I respect the deep meaning behind this phrase, it also reminds me of the beautiful complexity of a rose, which is flower like no other. Some may contest that roses are the most commonly known flower because of its associa...

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