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National Pollinator Week June 15-21

Posted by Diane Wilhite -

June 15-21 is National Pollinator Week and there are numerous activities happening in the Champaign-Urbana area celebrating our pollinators. Why not pick one or two to participate in. And don't forget to visit the University of Illinois Pollinatarium where children of all ages can learn about pollinators.

Read on and learn some things you could do to help our pollinators survive and thrive.

80% of bees nest in soils
  • To help them find homes, limit mulch and leave bare patches of soil.
Household and garden pesticides can harm bees
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce pesticide use.  Check out less toxic or natural alternatives.
Pollinators are active and flying from late March until October
  • Plant many pollinator friendly flowers that bloom through the season.
  • Plant native species.

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