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Master Naturalist Photo Contest Winners

Posted by Bethany Semancik -

Roger Inman has won the Best in Show award in the third annual East Central Illinois Master Naturalist photo contest, with a picture of an unusual ice formation at Homer Lake. Other winners were Cathy Barnard in the Open Category, Kathy Rowland in the Mammal Category, Betsy Kuchinke in the Volunteers Category and James Long in the Fall/Winter Season Category. Congratulations to all the...

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Invasive Plant Phenology Reports

Posted by Maddy Kangas -

The University of Illinois Extension Forestry produces a monthly invasive plant phenology report that gives information on the development of invasive plants across Illinois, informing readers about what is in bloom, leafing out, setting seed, and senescing in different regions of the state throughout the growi...

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Nesting Places for the Birds and Bees

Posted by Bethany Semancik -

In the spirit of the old community "barn-raisings," Master Naturalists will put together bluebird and bee nesting boxes at a potluck from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 25. Both bluebirds and bees have to struggle to find nesting places because of widespread destruction of habitat. The "assembly party" will help increase habitat in the area and give Master Naturalists an opportunity to soci...

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