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Nesting Places for the Birds and Bees

Posted by Bethany Semancik -

In the spirit of the old community "barn-raisings," Master Naturalists will put together bluebird and bee nesting boxes at a potluck from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 25.

Both bluebirds and bees have to struggle to find nesting places because of widespread destruction of habitat. The "assembly party" will help increase habitat in the area and give Master Naturalists an opportunity to socialize and get to know one another better.

The party is set for the maintenance shop at the Urbana Park District building at 1101 East Kerr in Urbana. Master Naturalist woodworkers are pre-cutting and drilling lumber into kits which can be glued and screwed together.

The finished products will be sold for slightly more than cost to Master Naturalists and to the public at the Master Gardener Garden Walk on June 18, and at Farmers Market booths. A number of Master Naturalists have already placed pre-orders.

Members of an ad-hoc committee for the project are Diane Wilhite (chair), John McWilliams, Sharon Kristovich, Karen Clarkson and Dave Easter. Gale McWilliams, Dianda Easter and John and Lois Palen are also involved in the project.

Photo: The bluebird boxes will be like this one made by Dave Easter.

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