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Invasive Plant Phenology Reports

Posted by Maddy Kangas -

The University of Illinois Extension Forestry produces a monthly invasive plant phenology report that gives information on the development of invasive plants across Illinois, informing readers about what is in bloom, leafing out, setting seed, and senescing in different regions of the state throughout the growing season. Reports are summarized by region and produced from field observations collected between the 8th and 14th of each month.

Phenology is the study of seasonal natural phenomena. This observational project tracks the phenology of invasive plant species in Illinois, noting when plants initiate growth, start flowering, ripen seeds, become dormant, etc. Data on the phenology of invasive plants is critical information for the development of effective management programs.

Here is the April 2016 Invasive Plant Phenology Report

Feel free to add to the knowledge by letting us know what the invasive plants are doing in your area by commenting on this post.

Special thanks go out to all of the volunteer invasive plant observers, including many Master Naturalists, for providing the observations that make this report possible.


Interested in becoming an invasive plant phenology observer?

The University of Illinois Extension Forestry Program relies on observations from volunteers to produce the monthly invasive plant phenology report. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer observer should contact Chris Evans, Extension Forester at
(618) 695-3383 or Volunteers are asked to make monthly observations on three to four invasive species in their area.

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