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Garden Flowers - Do they have to bloom all season to be special?

Posted by Sandra Mason -

Garden flowers are under a lot of pressure these days. Flower all season or forget winning any popularity contests. To me fleeting flowers are even more special. I yearn for their return, cherish their presence and whimper when they succumb and anticipate their return. But oh the joy when they are in full glory and I can plunge my nose into their bodacious blooms. Let's hear it for the flowers tha...

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daffodils in  snow
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Surprise it's still winter

I'm one of THOSE people that does not consider SNOW to be a four-letter word. I'm generally the one that gleefully announces a snowflake siting. But I must admit today's snow made me whimper a bit. With this year's warm February we were all lulled into garden glee at the thought of an early end to winter. However if we are to get cold temperatures as predicted later this week snow is on...

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Start seeds indoors to cure the winter blahs

Winters in Illinois are tough for us gardeners. If we have a few more cloudy days, I know I will start to etiolate. Don't worry etiolation is not a new disease or social crime. Etiolation is the pale spindly growth in plants due to lack of light. Imagine limp spaghetti with two leaves on top. Wait a minute, tall and thin, maybe I should rethink this....

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