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daffodils in  snow
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Surprise it's still winter

I'm one of THOSE people that does not consider SNOW to be a four-letter word. I'm generally the one that gleefully announces a snowflake siting. But I must admit today's snow made me whimper a bit. With this year's warm February we were all lulled into garden glee at the thought of an early end to winter.

However if we are to get cold temperatures as predicted later this week snow is one of our best plant insulators. Unfortunately, the snow just wasn't high enough to protect my poor blooming daffodils. I should have picked them for an indoor bouquet but plants in my garden must understand my need-to-know philosophy. They should accept that when they end up at the end of my spade, they will be subjected to experiments. Mother Nature provided this month's test of tenacity. So let's hope the snow helps as our plants deal with waking too early from their winter nap. Stay tuned. Let's see how plants manage these roller coaster temperatures. And for just a moment enjoy the snow show.

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