The Next Emergence?

Periodical cicadas are scheduled to emerge in mid to late May 2011 in most of the southern half of Illinois as part of the Great Southern Brood, Marlatt's XIX brood. The males will sing for two to three weeks, followed by about a month of female egg-laying.

The northern edges of emergence will be Hancock and McDonough counties on the west and Iroquois, Ford, and the southeastern corner of Livingston counties on the east. Between those two areas, the northern edge of Sangamon County is level with the northern edge of the emergence across the center of the state. In southern Illinois, Pulaski, Alexander, Union, Jackson, and the southern parts of Perry and Randolph counties are not part of this brood. The easternmost row of counties south to Wabash County also is not part of this brood. Vermilion, Edgar, Clark, and Crawford counties are part of the Great Eastern Brood that will emerge in 2021. Lawrence, Wabash, Pulaski, Alexander, Union, and Jackson counties are in the Lower Mississippi River Valley Brood which will emerge in 2015.