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Rebecca Livingston
Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development
University of Illinois Extension
1120 N Webster St.
Taylorville, IL 62568
Phone: 217-287-7246
FAX: 217-287-7248

4-H Christian County

4-H Christian County

Welcome to Christian County 4-H! Below you will find general information about 4-H. On the right you will find tabs with more infomation. Feel free to click around! If you have any questions please contact me Rebecca Livingston at or at 217-287-7246!

What Is 4-H?

4-H is the youth audience of the University of Illinois Extension. 4-H is open to ALL youth ages 8-18 years old by September 1 of current year. Youth can participate in 4-H in several different ways.

  • 4-H Community Clubs offer the most sustained experience. Youth belong and participate in a club which meets monthly. These youth develop leadership and work skills through project work, community service, and as leaders and mentors in the club.
  • SPIN Clubs offer youth a short term experience around one topic such as Robotics, Cooking, Small Engines, Clothing & Textiles, Electricity and more. For 6 sessions, youth learn and develop skills around this particular project area.
  • Workshops are a fundamental part of the 4-H program. These one-day events help youth experience and learn about such things as cake decorating, outdoor cooking, butterflies, scrapbooking and more.
  • Summer Camps offer a sustained learning opportunity (2-3 days) around one topic. Camps include Science Camp, Art Camp and Robotics Camp. 

Who are Cloverbuds?

The Cloverbud 4-H Program is open to youth ages 5-7 years old by September 1 of current year. These youth are part of a community club but participate in more age-appropriate projects and activities. The focus for these youth are hands-on activities and learning opportuntities.

What Is a 4-H Project?

Projects are a major way 4-H members learn. Projects involve setting goals, learning new skills (subject matter skills and life skills), and evaluating progress, all in a challenging and fun format. There are over 100 projects to choose from in a Community Club and there are unlimited project ideas for SPIN Clubs.