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Making Jams & Jellies with Gelatin

Posted by Lisa Peterson -

Homemade jams and jelly recipes typically call for high amounts of added sugar, but what does the sugar do? The purpose of sugar in jams and jellies is to assist with maintaining the texture and shape of the fruit, flavor, stabilizing color, and through a chemical reaction, the water from the fruit is "bound" to the sugar molecules slowing down microbial growth. Roughly...

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First Farmers Market of the Season: Taylorville Farmers Market and Terrific Turnips!

Farmers market season means another season of exploring the local produce in the area, visiting with neighbors, and supporting the local farmers. I made a goal this Summer to attend all the local farmers markets in Christian, Jersey, Macoupin, and Montgomery Counties. My first stop in my adventure was the Taylorville downtown farmers market in Christian county. This farmers market, located on t...

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