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Goodbye South Dakota, Hello Illinois!

Posted by Lisa Peterson -

Welcome to my Mission: Nutrition blog! This is my very first post, and I hope to provide up-to-date health and nutrition information, helpful tips, recipes and information on striving to live healthy in everyday life. I'll also be including my cooking adventures whether that is a success story or a complete failure. To kick my blog off, I thought I would briefly introduce myself and how I became so passionate about the field of nutrition.

I grew up in west central Minnesota with the closest city over 20,000 people 90 miles away. My exposure to cooking and nutrition was started at an early age recreationally gardening with my grandparents and understanding how to prepare garden fresh vegetables for meals and snacks. My dad assists in managing the grocery store in my hometown of 1,400 people, and I worked part time there all through high school. I loved customer service and seeing what was for supper for my community family and friend. Food plays a huge role in our culture and brings family together to not only eat, but build strong family relationships.

I've grown up with a greater understanding of chronic disease, specifically type one diabetes. My older sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes at a young age, so I grew up surrounded by carbohydrate counting, understanding signs and symptoms of hypo and hyperglycemia, and an understanding of what the disease can do to not only the individual but the entire family. Based on my love for cooking and my passion to better people's lives through nutrition, I pursued Nutrition at South Dakota State University. After completing a community nutrition course and working with an extension specialist, I fell in love with working with nutrition and food safety in a community setting. I took several classes on food safety in college and have a minor in food safety with my undergraduate degree. My Masters in Nutrition, Food Science, and Exercise Science was focused mainly on Nutritional Sciences and promoting careers related to food safety through virtual laboratories. Food safety is often a forgotten about component of cooking and nutrition, but small steps such as washing hands and switching cutting boards can prevent those unwanted sick days.

I've received a wonderful welcome to the community and look forward to working closely with the people in Christian, Jersey, Macoupin, and Montgomery communities. I have a passion for nutrition, but like everyone else I am by no means perfect. I do what I can every day to be health conscious and enjoy life as it comes. Everyone comes from a different background and as a Nutrition and Wellness Educator with the U of I Extension, I'm here to provide research based information and classes with no biased or judgment. I've always loved the saying, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." Stay up to date with my blog and watch for recipes, health tips, debunking nutrition and health fads, and my many others new adventures here in Illinois. Health and Nutrition is My Mission!

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