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A Locavore's Journey

A day in the life of a Central Illinois Locavore
Eating Local
Grill 2

Day 7 & 8 -- Asparagus

The remainder of the weekend was busy and so was Monday at work. I however, try to plan my meals ahead of time, and grilled a large supply on Saturday. Asparagus has been an almost daily staple in my menu since starting this "locavore's journey." To learn about growing your own asparagus visit: https://web.extension.illin...

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Dinner 5 20 17

Day 6 – Great Afternoon to Grill

After the morning rain, we had a great afternoon to grill. Due to our schedules, we grill enough to last a few days. We decided to grill pork patties and venison, in addition, to our pork chops, hamburgers and asparagus. To learn more food safety trips for grilling visit: "Summertime Food Safety" by Susan Glassman at

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Strawberries May 19

Day 5 – Back to Strawberries

I went all day yesterday without eating a single strawberry, so I had them this morning for breakfast. Strawberries are in season, and there is a large local supply available from various sources. I was able to secure four quarts last weekend. I decided to freeze two for future use, and have been eating the other two this week. Both of my children have enjoyed sharing a bowl some mornings....

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Day 4 – In Search of Local Grains

There are five food groups, and so far, I have only eaten from four. The five food groups are fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains. Today I was in search of grains. Luckily, over my lunch hour I was able to head to Red Barn Produce in Edinburg, Illinois and pick up locally grown popcorn and asparagus. They have both white and yellow popcorn available. Then during the afternoon, using a...

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Honey Small

Day 3 – Local Milk, and New Use for Local Honey

Today there was limited time to shop, but I was able to pick up some Prairie Farms' milk, which comes from local dairy farms and is processed locally. FYI, this was my first time since starting this journey that I have entered a traditional grocery store/convenience store. The cow's milk was a nice addition to my menu and convenient to secure. In addition, today, I decided to try using the loc...

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eggs small

Day 2 – Adding Eggs

As I start day two of my Locavore's Journey, I decided I needed to add something else to my menu. Luck for me, local eggs are everywhere. Therefore, on Monday night, I placed an order to get two dozen farm fresh eggs for Tuesday morning. To learn more about the nutrition value of eggs and some other fun egg facts visit: EGGS—zactly Right!...

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Lunch Day 1 Smaller

Day 1 – Locavore

My #1 fear going into Day 1: What if I get hunger? Well I survived and actually enjoyed my meals. Honey is my new favorite sweet. Lucky, for me another staff member had the opportunity to visit the Downtown Taylorville Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, and provided me with some much-needed lettuce. Menu for Day #1: Breakfast: Bowl of Fresh Strawberries Lunch:...

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Goat s Milk Smaller

Preparation for the Journey

Before any great journey, one needs a plan. Lucky for me, University of Illinois Extension, Unit 18 staff have put together a resource guide on all the local farmer's markets in the area. Here is the link: My first weekend of preparation for the Journey included shopping at Paris F...

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Strawberries Small

“What is a locavore?”

First, you ask, "What is a locavore?" Wikipedia defines it is a movement, which connects food producers to food consumers in the same geographic region. Well this summer, I am challenging myself to become a locavore. Please join me on this journey to learn where in central Illinois you can buy locally produced foods and beverages, have family experiences hunting for local products, and measure...

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