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A Locavore's Journey

A day in the life of a Central Illinois Locavore
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Day 6 – Great Afternoon to Grill

After the morning rain, we had a great afternoon to grill. Due to our schedules, we grill enough to last a few days. We decided to grill pork patties and venison, in addition, to our pork chops, hamburgers and asparagus.

To learn more food safety trips for grilling visit: "Summertime Food Safety" by Susan Glassman at

Menu for Day #6

  • Breakfast: Bowl of Strawberries
  • Lunch: Two Fried Eggs and Corn from Last Season (I know it is an odd combination, but I could wait for dinner to have the corn!)
  • Dinner: Deer Chop, Pork Patty, Asparagus and a Glass of Skim Milk

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