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Jessica Jaffry
Extension Program Coordinator, 4-H
University of Illinois Extension
201 W. Exchange St.
Suite A
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Phone: 618-498-2913
FAX: 618-498-5913

4-H Jersey County

4-H Jersey County

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What Is 4-H?

4-H is the youth audience of the University of Illinois Extension. 4-H is open to ALL youth ages 8-18 years old by September 1 of current year. There is much misconception that 4-H is for farm kids. Times have changed and so has 4-H. With over 200 project areas to choose from every hobby and skill can be sharpened through 4-H. Life skills are learned in 4-H. Family involvement is highly recommended in the 4-H program. Jersey County has several clubs who meet at different times and locations.  It is important to find a club that meets your needs and time schedule.

Who are Cloverbuds?

The Cloverbud 4-H Program is open to youth ages 5-7 years old by September 1 of current year. The youth participate in hands-on, non-competitive learning activities related to 4-H project areas. The Cloverbud program provides a great way to provide interaction with other children, making new friends and learning neat stuff.

What Is a 4-H Project?

The major way 4-Hers learn is through their 4-H projects. Completion of a 4-H project takes a series of experiential learning activities planned by the member and a leader, parent or helper. Projects involve setting goals, learning new skills (subject matter skills and life skills), and evaluating progress, all in a challenging and fun format. Public speaking is a real asset of 4-H. Most clubs require a member to give a talk or demonstration about one of their projects at some point during the year. This experience is priceless for building self-confidence.