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University of Illinois Extension serving Christian, Jersey, Macoupin and Montgomery Counties

Montgomery County
#1 Industrial Park Dr.
Hillsboro, IL 62049
Phone: 217-532-3941
FAX: 217-532-3944
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 12 pm; 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Christian County
1120 N Webster St.
Taylorville, IL 62568
Phone: 217-287-7246
FAX: 217-287-7248
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 11:30 am; 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Jersey County
201 W. Exchange St.
Suite A
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Phone: 618-498-2913
FAX: 618-498-5913
Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 8 am to 12 pm; 1 pm to 4 pm and Thursday 8 am to 12 pm

Macoupin County
#60 Carlinville Plaza
Carlinville, IL 62626
Phone: 217-854-9604
FAX: 217-854-7804
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am to 12 pm; 1 pm to 4:30 pm

LEADership Academy

LEADership Academy

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Past LEADership Academy Graduates

2016 LEADership Academy Graduates include: Sarah Van Huss; Desiree Becker; Terri Meyer; Susie Montgomery; Alicia Gullidge; Jenny Pace; Lindsay Lopian; Norma Altman; Jason Woodhead; and Nathan Rybolt.  Second row left to right; John Heck; Keri Shatley; Teresa Lovekamp; Jessica King; Jeff Durbin; Mary Del Valle; Michelle Lumb; Kerry Ward; Harold Phillips; and Blake Davis.

2015 LEADership Academy Graduates include:  Danielle Bolsen, Midland Community Bank; Jacalyn Broaddus, Taylorville Memorial Hospital; Michael Brokaw, CNB Bank and Trust; Bob Dunn, Taylorville Fire Department; Bobbie Durbin, Computer Techniques, Inc.; Don Durbin, American Red Cross; Jeremy Evans, Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI); Joani Jones, Peoples Bank and Trust; Beth Law, Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI); Sharon LeGrand, U.S. Bank; Russ Meyer, Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI); Ronald Mizer, Retired; Will Perkins, Taylorville Community Credit Union; and Lisa Peterson, University of Illinois Extension

2014 LEADership Academy Graduates include:  Marie Becker, Meadow Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation;  Christina Boston, Regional Office of Education;  Megan Bryant, Credit Collection Partners;  Chris Casey, University of Illinois Extension;  Jim Clark, The GSI Group;  Stacey Courtwright, Midland Community Bank;  Mike Crews, Taylorville Fire Department;  Kelly Dulakis, Carlinville National Bank and Trust;  Andrew Goodall, Taylorville Fire Department;  Jason Hoffmann, Crossroads Apostolic Ministries;  Debbie Johnson, Taylorville Memorial Hospital;  Jennifer Jones, First National Bank of Pana;  Barbara Leach, US Bank; Wes Mueller, The GSI Group;  William Russell, The GSI Group;  Kandice Smith, The GSI Group;  Bill Vidmar, Viddy's Cab and Limo Service; and Jan Young, Peoples Bank and Trust.

2013 LEADership Academy Graduates include:  Betty Asmussen, Peoples Bank & Trust; Jared Beckham, First National Bank in Taylorville; Rick Bonitzer, Credit Collections Partners; Raymond Brunk, Jr., The GSI Group; Christopher Clark, South Fork School District; Consuela France, TCCU; Doug Hoy, The GSI Group; Brian Juberigan, The GSI Group; Gerry Mahr, Senior Citizens of Christian County; J. I. McDowell, Angelo's Pizza; Dan McNeely, KMRM/Diamond Bros. Insurance; Roberta Moomey, First National Bank of Pana; Ginny Peters, Fred Peters Financial Group; Rob Petersen, Edinburg Christian Church; Kimberly Rodgers, Pana Community Hospital; Keith Schedlbauer, Consolidated Communications; Cheryl Sexton, Taylorville Memorial Hospital; Sharron Taft, Christian County Master Gardeners; and Gerald Vidmar, Viddy's Cab & Limo Service.

2012 LEADership Academy Graduates include:  Ashley Basso, Peoples Bank & Trust; Brian Brown, The GSI Group; Marcy Durbin, LLCC; Becky Edwards, BNG Administrative Services; Cheryl Fahl, Taylorville Memorial Hospital; Melissa Rowcliffe, The GSI Group; Penny Hamell, Self Employed; Mellisa Herwig, Christian County Farm Bureau; Patty Hornbuckle, Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce; Marchelle Kassebaum, Regional Superintendent of Schools; James Kirk, First National Bank in Taylorville; Seth McMillan, McMillan Landscape Co; Teresa Nelson, Miller Media Group; Gena Paulding, NewWave Communications; Clark Pearce, Craggs Realtors, Inc.; Gina Prinzavalli, US Bank; Ray Radae, Edinburg United Methodist Church; Robert Richardson, TCUSD #3; and Terry Smith, City of Taylorville.

2011 LEADership Academy Graduates include: Mike Bell, Retired, Public Schools and Illinois Department of Corrections; Jennifer Bertoldo, Lifestyles Fitness, Inc.; Donna Birnschein, Marketing Alternatives, Inc.; Kristi Bricker, Peoples Bank & Trust; Bill German, NewWave Communications; Amy Hagen, US Bank; Michelle Hancock, Wayne Hummer Investments at Peoples Bank & Trust; Len Hempen, Peoples Bank & Trust; Brian Hile, Taylorville Police Department; Andy Lopez, Waste Management; Katie Manson, Eagle One Investments/Palmer Bank; Yolanda Marucco, Retired; Tisha Miller, Lincoln Land Community College; Scott Stallman, Lincoln Land Community College; and Chris Weittenhiller, Christian County YMCA.

2009 LEADership Academy Graduates include: Linda Allen, Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce; Brian Atwood, The GSI Group; Greg Brotherton, City of Taylorville; Janice Brown, Manpower; Derrick Clark, Regions Bank; Nick Epley, Peoples Bank & Trust—Taylorville; Bill Flowers, NewWave Communications; Kathy Germann, Peoples Bank & Trust; Mindy Hill, US Bank; Mitch Losee, The GSI Group; Ann Lupton, University of Illinois Extension Christian County; Ted Marrinan, Bethel Baptist Church; Scott McClure, McClure Funeral Home; Deborah Stalets, Pana Community Hospital; Charlie Sward, Taylorville United Methodist Church; Ryan Walker, Consolidated Communications; and Martha Zimmerman, Zimmerman Farms, Inc.;

2008 LEADership Academy Graduates include: Michael Bradbury, Taylorville Memorial Hospital; Tammy Braye, Doc's Maytag in Taylorville; Dorothy Davis-Beeman, US Bank; John Gardner, People's Bank and Trust; Patricia Hamlin, Midstate Special Education; Vickie Holthaus, Pana Community Hospital; Amy Mann, Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District; Stephen Milling, Milling Construction, Inc.; J.C. Olive, Ahlstrom Filtration LLC; Bryan Payne, Miller Communications, WTIM/WMKR/WRAN; Stephanie Porter, Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District; Judy Prasun, People's Bank and Trust; Martin Vota, Dominion Kincaid Generation LLC; Courtney Williams, Midstate Special Education; and Lori Zeitler, Christian County YMCA

2007 LEADership Academy Graduates include: Tim Christer, Hometown Food Center in Pana; Stephen Craggs, Craggs Realtors, Inc; Karen DeLay, Springfield Center for Independent Living; Gregg Fuerstenau,Taylorville School District Superintendent; Kathy Gosnell, Park Glen Apartments; Jodi Heberling, University of Illinois Extension Christian County; Helen Kennedy, Craggs Realtors, Inc.; Raedena Madison, First National Bank of Pana; Carla Mickey, National Bank in Pana; Annie Middleton, Merle Norman Cosmetics in Pana; Paul Mizeur, US Bank; Kathy Moore,Taylorville Memorial Hospital; Andrea Nolan, Christian County YMCA; Brenda Patrick, Mid-State Special Education; Gregory Patrick, Taylorville School District, Asst. Principal/Athletic Director; Kami Payne, Miller Media Group; Robyn Bedinger, Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce; Gaylord Spilker, Trinity Lutheran Church in Edinburg; and Gary Spurling, Spurling Title, Inc.

2006 LEAD graduates include: Stephanie Ashby, Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce; Tracy Braye, Breeze-Courier; Nancy Briggs, UI Extension Christian County; Bradley Carriker, US Bank; Cathy Coker, Christian County Mental Health Association; Sue Davis, Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District; Dawn Frost, Consolidated Communications; Eric Kahle, State Farm Insurance; Bruce Kettelkamp, KKamp & Sons, Mowing; Jack Koehne, Consolidated Communications; Marsha Lynch, Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District; Frank Mathon, Mayor of Taylorville; Jennifer Nagle, People's Bank and Trust; Randal Miller, Miller Media Group; Melissa Rybolt, Pana Community Hospital; Linda Sloan, St. Vincent Memorial Hospital; Brenda Spurling, Spurling Title, Inc.; Melissa Thomas, St. Vincent Memorial Hospital and B.J. Wilken, Christian County YMCA.

2005 LEAD graduates include: Johnna Ade, Consolidated Communications; Dianne Bailey, Pana Community Hospital; Jim Brubaker, Lincoln Land Community College; Craig Deere, Peoples Bank and Trust; Keisa Ealey, Waste Management; Lori Funderburk, Battery Specialists + Golf Cars; Pam Heimsness, Federal Highway Administration; Alta Himstedt, Missouri EXCEL graduate; Brian Holmes, Farm Credit Services; Marvin Hughes, Dansig Insurance Group; Gary Letterly, UI Extension; Debra Levault, Christian County Solid Waste Management Department; Brian Little, Taylorville Park District; Julie Lilly, St. Vincent Memorial Hospital; Patty Mills, US Bank; Fred Ronnow, Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce; Monte Siegrist, Siegrist Builders, Inc.; Linda Smith, UI Extension; and Kelly Younker, People's Bank and Trust.