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Connie Niemann
Program Coordinator, Agricultural Literacy
University of Illinois Extension
#60 Carlinville Plaza
Carlinville, IL 62626
Phone: 217-854-9604
FAX: 217-854-7804

Macoupin County Ag Literacy

Macoupin County Ag Literacy

Your local source for agriculture-related materials, hands-on learning kits, and programs.

Our program began in February 1996 with a grant from Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education in partnership with U of I Extension - Macoupin County and Macoupin County Farm Bureau. Many agribusiness and organizations have added their support to help make this program possible. Our program's purpose is to educate people of all ages about agriculture, its importance and the role it plays in our daily lives.

The agricultural literacy program consists of:

  • classroom programs for students (K-12) upon request on various agricultural topics such as plants and seeds, soils, water, careers, renewable resources, corn, soybeans, wheat, animal nutrition, agricultural products, fiber/clothing, insects, beef, dairy, pork, embryology, apples, pumpkins, agricultural economics and marketing, biotechnology, genetics, and watersheds
  • inservices/workshops for educators in which they earn professional development hours for licensure renewal
  • preservices for education majors at local colleges
  • many free or free-loan resources for schools (hands-on learning kits, lessons on various agricultural topics, books, videos,)
  • newsletters for educators and sponsors
  • public awareness through press releases, radio interviews, county fair displays and presentations to community organizations
  • networking with other agricultural education people to strengthen agricultural literacy efforts statewide and nationally

Visit the "Agricultural Literacy Resources & Kits" page to view a listing of the hands-on learning kits and resources available through the Agricultural Literacy program.

For more information, please contact Agricultural Literacy Coordinator Connie Niemann by telephone at (217)854-9604 or e-mail at