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News Release

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4-H Host Robotic Challenge Workshops in Carlinville

On June 21 and 23, University of Illinois Extension and Macoupin County 4-H hosted robotics workshops. On June 21, 4-H offered three WeDo Robotics workshops for youth ages 6-9, at the Extension office in Carlinville. Youth explored engineering, technology and coding as they created, built and programed their own robot. Participants included: Matthew Eldred, Wyld Gilmore, Jaxson Strader, Riley Owsley, Houston Turley, Douglas Aikin, Colton Walls, Brianna Carillo, Payton Harding, Joel White, Sophie Campbell, Caleb Cloninger, Ethan Cloninger, Anna Cloninger, Isiah Stuemke, Lana Totsch, Brendan Totsch, Tanner Reese, Nathan Joehl, Caleb Joehl, Gage McFarland, Deven Utry, Brady Roberts, Paige Roberts, Anthony Kemp, Ethan Rafferty, Charlee Dugger.


On June 23, students over the age of 9 participated in the 4-H Robotics Challenge. This full day workshop allowed youth to explore, develop, design and program a robotic vehicle for the next mission to Mars. Robots were designed to run through a challenging obstacle course on a simulated Mars-scape. Participants included: Alex Behme, Jack VanDoren, Owen Turcol, Jason Perkins, Kayla Quarton, Carter Lowrance, Acacia Dyer, Emma Rafferty, Dominik Kemp, Mason Hunt, Casey Dugan, Max Dugan, Bryce Huff, Ella Clevenger, Trenton Clevenger, Allie Helling, Evelyn Heyen, Mark Utry, Garrett Comerford.


Macoupin County 4-H is offering many workshops for youth this summer. Most workshops do not require membership in 4-H to attend. For more information about Extension robotics programs or 4-H, please contact Kate Harding, Macoupin County 4-H Program Coordinator, at the Extension office in Carlinville by phone 217-854-9604, or email at, or online at: 


University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact our office. Universidad de Illinois ofrece igualdad de oportunidades en programas y empleo. Si usted necesita un ajuste razonable para participar en este programa, por favor póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina.





WeDo Robotics

Session 1: Riley Owsley, Colten Walls, Houston Turley, Wyld Gilmore, Douglas Aikin, Jaxson Strader, Matthew Eldred


Session 2: Brady Roberts, Gage McFarland, Nathan Joehl, Charlee Dugger, Anthony Kemp, Paige Roberts, Ethan Rafferty, Tanner Reese, Caleb Joehl, Devon Utry


Session 3: Ethan Cloninger, Anna Cloninger, Brianna Carillo, Payton Harding, Piper Rives, Sophia Campbell, Ethan Cloninger, Brendan Totsch, Lana Totsch, and Joel White


WeDo: Anna & Ethan Cloninger work together to build a robot at the 4-H WeDo Robotics workshop in Carlinville.


4-H Robotics


Robotics Group: Carter Lowrance, Emma rafferty, Maxwell Dugan, Evelyn Heyen, Alex Behme, Casey Dugan, Garrett Comerford, Bryce Huff, Allie Helling, Mason Hunt, Jack Van Doren, Ella Clevenger, Trenton Clevenger, Kayla Quarton, and Acacia Dyer



Robotics: Kayla Quarton & Acacia Dyer prepare to test the self-driving robot they built at the 4-H Robotics Challenge workshop in Carlinville.

Local Contact: Kate Harding, Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development,