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News Release

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2016 Macoupin County 4-H General Show Winners Announced

4-H projects were the talk of the day on Thursday, June 30 at the Macoupin County Fairgrounds. 4-H members from around the county exhibited a wide variety of projects. Some examples of projects displayed were photography, geology, animal science, horticulture, visual arts, electricity, leadership, woodworking, robotics, model rocketry, sportsfishing, and natural resources.


During the 4-H shows, 4-H members take part in a process of evaluation called conference judging.  This process allows the 4-H members to answer questions asked by the judges pertaining to the projects.  The questions are asked to help the judge find out how much the 4-H member learned while doing their project. The 4-H program would like to thank the following judges for helping out with the General Show: Don O’Brien of Benld; Charlie Peterson of Montgomery County; Sharon Behme, Dennis Rahe, Jeff Hammann, Rhonda Koehne of Carlinville; Mary Lou Griffith of Modesto; Carol Kenny of Witt, Joan Hartley of Divernon.  We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped to make this event a success. 


Trophies and medalions are awarded in selected project areas.  All members receiving a blue ribbon may be considered for a special award.  4-H members, 8 and older, who exhibit excellent projects can be chosen to exhibit their outstanding projects at the Illinois State Fair.


Macoupin County 4-H members who received a General Show trophy or State Fair/State Fair Alternate ribbons were: 



Best of Show:Braylee Gilmore

State Fair


      Garrett Comerford

State Fair Alternates



Nicholas Raney

Vet Science

Best of Show-Meghan Wolff

State Fair-Meghan Wolff

State Fair Alternates IsabelleWolff

          Braylee Gilmore


Best of Show- Samantha Fulton

State Fair Delegates


Victoria Hester

State Fair Alternate

Zaiden Reese


Sara Wiese

Bicycle Best of Show- Luke Wolff


Best of Show- Addison Early

State Fair Delegates


Tristan Rutan



Best of Show-Lydia Fulton

State Fair


  Lydia Fulton


Best of Show-Breanna Baldwin-Zurek


Best of Show-Emily Barr

  State Fair Delegates


Alexander Haney

State Fair Alternates


Abigail Kohlberg


Best of Show-Sam Wolff

State Fair


Anthony Joiner



Best of Show-AnthonyJoiner

State Fair Delegates                                                                                                    Anthony Joiner


Wesley Carol

State Fair Alternates-Alexander Behme




Best of Show Joe Robbins

State Fair Delegates


Rachel Wolff


State Fair Alternates -Alexandria Helling

Horticulture -VegetableGardening

Best of Show-Sara Wiese (Veg. Plate)

State Fair Delegates

Sara Wiese (Veg.Plate)

Nicholas Spencer (Veg.Plate)

Joe Reno (Market Basket)

State Fair Alternates-Mackenzie Wolff (Veg. Plate)




Best ofShow-ElizabethHaney

State Fair Delegates

Elizabeth Haney


  Molly Reed

  State Fair Alternates-Ella Walker



Best of Show-Victoria Hester

State Fair-Victoria Hester

State Fair Alternates- Karli Yotter


Interior Design

Best of Show-SaralynnJoiner

State Fair Delegate Saralynn Joiner



Best of Show- Braylee Gilmore

State Fair- Braylee Gilmore


Best of Show

Summer Carol (Nat Res) Logan Helling (Outdoor Adv) Braylee Gimore (Sportsfishing) Joscelyn Wagner (Entomology) Carter Lowrance (Geology) Alexandria Helling (Forestry) Logan Helling (Wildlife)


Nat. Resources State Fair Delegates Braylee Gilmore (Sportsfishing) Kylie Cobb (Sportsfishing) Summer Carol (Natural Resources) Logan Helling (Outdoor Adv) Logan Helling (Wildlife) Alexandria Helling (Forestry) Joscelyn Wagner (Entomology) Nicholas Raney (Entomology) Carter Lowrance (Geology)

Nat. Resources State Fair Alternates

Molly Reed (Sportsfishing) Wesley Carol (Sportsfishing) Summer Carol (Sportsfishing) Stephen Flatt (Sportsfishing) Joscelyn Wagner (Forestry) Summer Carol (Forestry)




Best of Show-Photo I

Lillian Burris

Best of Show-Photo II

Austin Pence

Best of Show-Photo III

Kinley Whalen

Best of Show-Photo Editing

Kinley Whalen

Photo State Fair Delegates

Kinley Whalen Lillian Burris Austin Pence Elyse Eldred

Photo State Fair Alternates

Rachel Wolff Anne Robbins Caleb Cloninger Mackenzie Wolff Isabella Harned

Plants & Soil

Best of Show

Ben Reno


Best of Show

Hyler Pence







Best of Show

Mariah Harned

State Fair

Carter Lowrance

Zaiden Reese


Alexandria Helling

State Fair Alternates

Garrett Comerford


Small Engines

 Best of Show

Alexander Behme

State Fair Delegates-Alexander Behme

State Fair Alternates-Josiah Schuette

Theater Arts Best of Show

Lydia Fulton

State Fair Delegates

Lydia Fulton


Best of Show-Riley Rhodes

State Fair Delegates Riley Rhodes Anthony Joiner

State Fair Alternates-Grant Walker


Best of Show

Tyler Behme

State Fair Delegates-Tyler Behme

Visual Arts Best of Show

Tyler Behme (Computerart)

Claire Behme (Clay)

Ariana Coan (Pigment)

 Austin Pence (Wood)

Alexandria Helling (Mixed Media)

Allison Rosentreter(2)

Rachel Wolff (Nature)

 Isabella Harned(Fiber)

Abigail Kohlberg (Carbon)

Isabella Baldwin-Zurek (Pigment)


Visual Arts State Fair Delegates Lillian Burris (Cake Décor) Claire Behme (Clay)

Ariana Coan (Computer Art) Allison Rosentreter (Fiber) Alexia Mosby (Glass/Plastic) Cecilia Kohlberg (Heritage Arts) Colin Lovell (Metal)

Rachel Wolff (Nature) Kennedy Lovell (Paper)

Alexandria Helling (Scrapbooking) Alexandria Helling (Mixed Media)

Austin Pence (Wood)

Ariana Coan (C/C/P) Austin Pence (C/C/P)

Visual Arts State Fair Alternates Allison Rosentreter (Cross-stitch) Anne Robbins (Crochet Panda) Mariah Harned (garden rocks) Jocelyn Wagner (Computer art) Saralynn Joiner (Fiber)

Isabella Harned (Fiber) Sophie Rull (Cake Décor) Rachel Wolff (Wood)Visual Arts State Fair Alternates Anne  Robbins (3-D)  Jennifer Robbins (String Art) Kinley Whalen (Pigment) Abigail Kohlberg (Carbon)

Isabella Baldwin-Zurek (Pigment)


Best of Show

Theron Cole

State Fair Delegate

Theron Cole

Dayse Velasquez





Best of Show 1 & 2 Dylan Rosentreter Anthony Joiner

Best of Show 3 & 4-Taylor Wills

Woodworking State Fair Delegates

Taylor Wills

Meghan Wolff

Woodworking State Fair Alternates



Luke Wolff

Grant Walker

General Show Cloverbud Ribbons

Douglas Aikin Malia Bowker Anna Cloninger Ethan Cloninger Reagan Comerford Charlee Dugger Julie Flatt

Wyld Gilmore Elizabeth Hammann Makenna Harding Payton Harding Reese Heyen

Peter Jarden Carter Joiner Hallee Kaburick Jane Kallaher Brylee Kallal Garyn Kallal Ashlyn Killam Abigale Landes Kori Peterson Nola Reid Paxton Reid Caitlynn Rhodes Carly Rhodes

Ethan Schuette (2) Jaxson Strader Avery Troutwine Cara Winningham (2) Ian Ronald



For more information on the 4-H General Show or any other 4-H activity, please contact the University of Illinois Extension Office - Macoupin County at 217/854-9604.



Local Contact: Kate Harding, Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development,