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News Release

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4-H Olympics Return To Christian County Fair

TAYLORVILLE, IL - The eyes of the world may be turning to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but in Taylorville the center of Olympic spirit was the 2nd Annual 4-H Olympics held on July 28 at the Christian County Fair. This is the second year the 4-H Olympics has returned after years of hiatus. The event attracted 50 participants. Those who participated could compete in a hula hoop circle relay, water cannon challenge, and a wet sponge relay.  Everyone also enjoyed at treat of watermelon and the event ended with a massive group water balloon fight. 


Christian County 4-H Program Coordinator, Alicia Gullidge said, “I’m so pleased to see such a good turnout this year.  They had a really great time and it was nice seeing the kids from different clubs getting to know each other.”  She added, “We also had 4-Hers of all ages come out.  I think the kids had a pretty good time.” 


For more information about 4-H, please contact Alicia Gullidge, Christian County 4-H Program Coordinator, at the Extension office in Taylorville by phone 217-287-7246, or email at, or online at: 


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PICTURE CAPTION: (L to R) Hailey Hanson, Laura Wayman, Norah Curtin, Cole Paulek, & Waylon Paulek pass a hula hoop in the hula hoop circle relay at the 4-H Olympics.

Local Contact: Alicia Gullidge, Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development,