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News Release

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4-H Shooting Sports Event held at Brittany Trap

On Sunday, August 28, over thirty-five 4-H Shooting Sports members participated in the third annual 4-H Fall Classic at Brittany Shooting Park in Bunker Hill. 4-H members from the University of Illinois Extension Unit 18 (Christian, Jersey, Macoupin, and Montgomery Counties) competed in the shooting disciplines of archery, air rifle, .22 rifle, and shotgun. This shooting sports event hit the mark with a mix of family, friends, fun, and competition.


4-H members rotated through the different shooting disciplines throughout this event enhancing their marksmanship skills and self-confidence. 4-H members and their families enjoyed lunch prior to their scheduled events and then at the end of the day a recognition ceremony was held where members received awards for their efforts.


4-H Members from Macoupin County who participated in the 2016 4-H Shooting Sports Fall Classic were: Nathan Cauley (Bunker Hill), Casey & Maxwell Dugan (Shipman), Ethan & Blake Jones (Worden), Ariyah Stuemke (Carlinville) and Joscelyn Wagner and Quentin Stead (Virden).



Results from the 2016 4-H Fall Classic were as follows

ARCHERY (Non-Sighted)

Ages 8-9: First Place- Zac Cotter (Christian); 2nd Place Ariyah Stuemke (Macoupin); 2nd Place; 3rd Place- Abby Erlenbush (Christian) Ages10-14: First Place- Maxwell Dugan (Macoupin); 2nd Place- Jalen Newingham (Jersey); 3rd Place- Casey Dugan (Macoupin)  Ages 15-18: First Place- Kristopher Knestaut (Jersey); 2nd Place- Isaak Knestaut (Jersey)


ARCHERY (Sighted)

Ages 8-9: First Place- Wade Goetten (Jersey); 2nd Place- Christian Dugger (Jersey), 3rd Place- Corree Yates (Jersey); Ages10-14: First Place- Blake Jones (Macoupin), 2nd Place- Joseph Falter (Montgomery); 3rd Place- Allen Schneider (Montgomery) Ages 15-18: First Place- (Tie) Ethan Jones (Macoupin) and Drew Brookens (Christian) 2nd Place- Eric Welge (Christian), 3rd Place- Angelo Logan (Jersey)




AIR RIFLE  Ages 8-9: First Place- Abby Erlenbush (Christian); 2nd Place- Wade Goetten (Jersey) Ages 10-14: First Place- Blake Jones (Macoupin); 2nd Place- Allen Schneider (Montgomery); 3rd Place-Weston Erlenbush (Christian); Ages 15-18: First Place- Ethan Jones (Macoupin)



.22 RIFLE Ages 10-14: 1st Place-Quentin Stead (Macoupin); 2nd Place- Allen Schneider (Montgomery); 3rd Place-Casey Dugan (Macoupin) Ages 15-18: 1st Place-Eric Welge (Christian); 2nd Place-Ethan Jones (Macoupin)



SHOTGUN  Ages 10-14: 1st Place- Blake Jones (Macoupin) 2nd Place- Weston Erlenbush (Christian); 3rd Place- Cameron Little (Jersey)Ages 15-18: 1st Place- Ethan Jones (Macoupin); 2nd Place-Nathan Cauley (Macoupin); 3rd Place-Brett Zindel (Christian)



Dedicated volunteers who made this event a success were certified instructors and volunteers from Christian County: Melissa and Tom Brookens, Mark Harris, Junior Welge; Jersey County: Chad and Lynn Goetten, Jamie Cannady, and Tony Taul; Macoupin County: John Dugan, Tony Wagner, and Theresa and Mark Koskie; Montgomery County: Patti Wartmann, Paul Pershing, Phil Crouch, and David Falter.


Carol and Larry Mohr, owners of Brittany Shooting Park, have been supporters of Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports since it started in Macoupin County in 2011. They have a great facility where youth can practice their shooting skills in a safe and conducive environment. 


The Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports program promotes the highest standard of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behaviors.  4-H shooting sports help young people develop self-confidence, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and decision-making skills. This program also furnishes enjoyable, positive relationships with peers and adult instructors.


For more information on 4-H Shooting Sports in Macoupin County, please contact your local Extension office at 217-854-9604.




Local Contact: Kate Harding, Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development,