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News Release

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4-H Prepares Christian County Youth for the Challenges of Life

Christian County County youth are joining the more than 6 million 4-H members across the nation in celebration of National 4-H Week Oct. 2-8 2016.


Last year in 2015, over 230 4-H members in Christian County were involved in a traditional 4-H Club or

4-H SPIN clubs where, they were assisted by volunteer adult leaders, they learned about careers, leadership and citizenship. A 4-H SPIN Club is a Special Interest Club that focuses on cooking, robotics, medical careers, sewing, natural resources, or other special interests youth may have.  Other Christian County youth were involved in 4-H through school, after school and community-partner organizations.


”4-H’s learn by doing philosophy encourages youth to experiment, innovate, and think independently, said Alicia Gullidge, University of Illinois Extension 4-H & Youth Development Coordinator for Christian County. “4-H grows confident kids who tackle issues that matter most in their communities.”


4-H members determine their own path in 4-H. “Youth have a strong voice in 4-H clubs and are actively determining the programs and activities in their clubs,” said Dr. Lisa Diaz, assistant dean and director of the Illinois 4-H program. “4-H gives youth skills to be independent masters of their future by giving them real-life experiences in teaching others, providing youth voice on planning committees, advocating for positive change in their communities and gaining much-needed skills for the workplace.”

Illinois 4-H members prepare for their future by studying careers related to their 4-H project. “They choose from more than 100 projects to study,” said Gullidge. The topics range from rocketry, GPS, computer game design, and public speaking to photography, animal science, nutrition, and more.


“The project work builds a youth’s leadership, communication, organization, and decision-making skills,” said Gullidge.


“4-H also instills a generous spirit in youth,” Diaz said. 4-H members are encouraged to help others in their communities through the hundreds of service projects conducted by Illinois 4-H clubs.

One out of every seven adults in the U.S. is a former 4-H member.

Christian County residents only need to look at our local 4-H members to see how 4-H impacts local lives.


Cole Paulek, member of Old Stonington 4-H Club, “I just like getting together with my club, because we have a great group and a lot of good friends. You just meet a lot of good people. I have learned to cook and become a businessman by working with our livestock at home. To kids not in 4-H, I would say your missing out on a lot of fun and you should try 4-H.”


Mary Kate Curtin, 4-H member of Mt. Auburn Rustlers,   “My 4-H career started later than most, however, this did not limit the moral and values I’ve learned this year.  I can’t wait to see what more 4-H has in store for my future.”


Caleb Grover, 4-H Member of New Vision, “4-H is fun because you can experiment with different career opportunities. I have decided to be an Emergency Room Doctor because of my 4-H Health project.”


Ivy Fry, 4-H member in Pana Tri-County Kids, I think 4-H is an awesome program because it provides a variety of opportunities. Workshops and projects are available for almost any interest. I have also really enjoyed being part of the youth leadership team. It has allowed me to get to know members from other clubs and to plan activities for the county. 4-H encourages community involvement and the development of practical leadership skills. “


Reed Heberling, Christian County 4-H Youth Leadership Team President, “4-H is a wonderful program that has created an unforgettable experience for me.”


Anyone can learn more about joining 4-H by contacting University of Illinois Extension in Christian County at 217-287-7246 or emailing Alicia Gullidge at



About 4-H: Illinois 4-H strives to help youth learn skills for living. University of Illinois Extension provides 4-H programs in every county in Illinois. Illinois 4-H aims to impact the lives of 200,000 youth each year through sustained learning clubs and groups and short-term programming.


For Further Information Contact:

Source: Dr. Lisa Diaz, Assistant Dean & Director 4-H Youth Development: 217-333-0910

News Writer: Judy Mae Bingman, Extension Media Communications Specialist, 217-300-2113

Local Contact: Alicia Gullidge, Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development,