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Understanding Diabetes: Meal Planning and Label Reading Workshop Being Held in Taylorville

Grocery shopping and meal planning can be overwhelming when trying to follow a diabetes friendly meal plan. Come join University of Illinois Extension as Lisa Peterson, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, discusses meal planning with diabetes, how to read nutrition facts labels and what to look for, and provides holiday diabetes-friendly recipes. 


This 90 minute workshop will provide hands-on activities and group discussion on diabetes management. This workshop is open to individuals who have diabetes, have family or friends with diabetes, or interested in learning about diabetes. Diabetes is a manageable disease, but currently kills more people than AIDS and breast cancer combined. This program is designed to complement recommendations from your personal health care provider.

This program will be held at the Christian County Extension Office in Taylorville, IL on November 22nd from 5:30pm-7:00pm. This class is offered at no cost.  

Pre-registration is required.  Registration can be done by calling the Christian County Extension Office or online at For any questions or concerns please call the Christian County Extension office at 217-287-7246 or emailing


Fluffy Pumpkin Pie

Yield: 8 servings


½ package Jiffy® pie crust mix                                   1 teaspoon corn starch                                  

½ cup Splenda ®                                                        ½  teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ cup skim milk                                                          ¼  teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 egg                                                                           ¼  teaspoon, ground ginger

1 can pumpkin, 15 oz.                                                 1/8  teaspoon, ground cloves

1 cup Cool Whip Free®


1.     Prepare pie crust according to directions on pie crust mix box, cool.

2.     Whisk Splenda, gelatin, cornstarch, and milk in a saucepan over medium heat until boils and thickens. Whisk half of mixture into egg; then back into remaining milk mixture, heating until thickens.

3.     Remove milk mixture from heat and fold in pumpkin and spices. Cool.

4.     Fold topping into pumpkin mixture and spread into pie crust. Chill until set.


Nutritional Facts per serving:  142 calories, 3g protein, 17g carbohydrate, 2g fiber, 7g fat, 30mg cholesterol, 141mg sodium


Find this recipe and more on University of Illinois Extension’s Website, “Recipes for Diabetes”


   University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.  If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact our office. Universidad de Illinois ofrece igualdad de oportunidades en programas y empleo. Si usted necesita un ajuste razonable para participar en este programa, por favor póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina.


Local Contact: Lisa Peterson, Extension Educator, Nutrition and Wellness,