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News Release

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Agricultural Literacy Program Teaching Local Youth

Raymond, Ill. – Montgomery County Agricultural Literacy Program is in full swing for the new school year. Second, fourth and fifth graders at Raymond Elementary School were given the opportunity to learn about a variety of agriculture topics pertaining to Illinois. Second graders were able to learn from a giant cheeseburger about where their food comes from and where it can be found on a farm. Also, they played an interactive game called Farm to Cart. The game is intended to help learners answer the question: Where does my food come from? This activity helps students make the connection that food comes from farms before it reaches the grocery store and ultimately their homes. Most importantly, they want kids to be able to look at their plate and be able to realize where their food comes from.

Fourth and fifth graders received Illinois Ag Mags, which is an agricultural magazine for kids. They were able to view a map of Illinois that showed the commodities of each county. The students created an Illinois charm bag necklace that contained an item for each of our state symbols. For example, a red feather symbolizing our state bird the Northern Cardinal, a purple flower petal symbolizing our state flower the Violet, a popcorn kernel symbolizing our state snack food, and many more of our state symbols was added to the charm bag.

The program is coordinator by Beth Groves, Montgomery County Agricultural Literacy Program Coordinator. Programming is possible due to the University of Illinois Extension, Montgomery County, Illinois Partnership for Agriculture Literacy, and numerous local sponsors.

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Photo Caption:

2nd grade students at Raymond Elementary holding the giant cheeseburger that taught them where their food comes from

Local Contact: Beth Groves, Program Coordinator, Agriculture Literacy,