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Macoupin on the Move Walking Program

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"Macoupin on the Move" is reaching more than 275 local residents. For the next three months, participants will be keeping track of their daily walking steps along with number of servings of fruits and vegetables. The program encourages participants to improve their lifestyle by: increasing physical activity, making better food choices and monitoring their progress.

The best all-around form of exercise happens to be one that requires no special equipment, training, or skill -- walking. This simple activity offers numerous benefits for people who want to exercise. Various benefits have been confirmed by major scientific studies including: reduced risk of heart disease, stronger bones, effective weight control, reduced risk of diabetes, mood elevation and reduced cancer risk.

A research project coordinated by University of Illinois Extension had participants completed an initial assessment of height, weight and body composition analysis (percent body fat). At the end of the 3-month program, weight and body composition analysis will be repeated to gauge participants' success.

Macoupin on the Move – "Fit for the Future" is coordinated by the University of Illinois Extension – Macoupin County and Macoupin County Public Health Department. Local sponsors include: The Fit Club, Community Memorial Hospital - Staunton, Carlinville Area Hospital, Wal-Mart, Subway, and Kasten-Goodman Agency.

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