Our Staff

Peggy Hampton

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

University of Illinois Extension
#1 Industrial Park Dr.
Hillsboro, IL 62049
Phone: 217-532-3941
FAX: 217-532-3944

Peggy holds a bachelor of science in home economics from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and a master of science in human services, (concentration in child, family & community) from University of Illinois, Springfield.

She is certified to teach the program Real Colors, identification of personality styles; has completed the Character Counts! training from the Josephson Institute of Ethics; and has completed Youth Peer Mentoring training through National Peer Helpers Organization.

Hampton's professional organizations include the Illinois Extension Professionals for Youth Education (IEPYE), the National Association of Extension of 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) and National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Program Offerings

4-H -- Youth may experience 4-H through a 4-H community club, a 4-H SPIN Club (special interest clubs such as Shooting Sports or Robotics, an afterschool 4-H Club or 4-H Science Rocks Club setting. Any youth may participate in 4-H workshops including project days, 4-H Camp, Babysitting Clinic, Sewing Workshops, Electricity workshops and more. Additional 4-H opportunities include 4-H leader/volunteer training, 4-H officer's training, new 4-H member party, and the 4-H Show (where 4-H projects are exhibited).

Real Colors -- This interactive training helps a person gain a perspective on his or her own personality style and the personality styles/temperament of others. This program is for youth through adult ages and is adaptable for different program areas such as teaching and learning styles, leadership styles, career choices, parenting styles, management styles, etc.

Welcome to the Real World -- This educational simulation is for Jr. and Sr. High age youth. Youth will first select a career they are interested in. They then select their choice of a home, car, food, clothing and entertainment. When their selections have been made, they will then receive their income minus taxes and will begin to pay their bills. The goal is for youth to see the challenges they will face if they do not earn enough money to pay their bills.

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