If You Still Can’t Get Started

If you’re still feeling intimidated at the amount of work in front of you and can’t seem to get started, try one of these approaches:

  • Find a buddy
    Ask a friend, neighbor, or relative to spend a couple of hours with you when you’re working on organizing one thing in your home, just to provide moral support as you try to get started.
  • Start small
    Don’t tackle the most cluttered area of your home first. Instead, choose a more manageable task for your first one, like a junky drawer or a shelf in one of your closets.
  • Start with something you can tackle
    Having a vision of how you want something to turn out will help keep you motivated and give you more purpose. It may be worth spending a little time just thinking about the task before you actually begin it.

Or, you might want to try a totally different approach to dealing with some of your clutter: ACCEPT IT.

The clutter may not really be a problem—it’s just that you worry about it or feel guilty. Or you may be in a situation where it is not within your control to change the clutter or disorganization that frustrates you. In either case, worrying or feeling bad about the clutter probably makes the situation worse rather than better. You can decide to stop worrying about it. Accepting a certain amount of clutter or disorganization may be a wiser way of dealing with it.