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Choosing a Container for Planting

Anything that holds soil and has drainage holes in the bottom may be transformed into a container garden for terrestrial plants. If it doesn’t have drainage holes or they can be plugged, then see Constructing and Caring for Water Gardens. Consider eye appeal, convenience, and cost, when choosing a container. Also think about how easy it will be keep the plants healthy. For vibrant plant growth, the containers must provide adequate space for roots and soil media, allowing the plant to thrive. Use containers of vigorous plants to

  • provide focal points
  • divide outdoor rooms
  • create privacy
  • screen objectionable views
  • accent the landscape
  • grow tasty herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Your choice of container (along with choice of plants) communicates feelings and sets a mood. It can be amusing, a statement of value, clever, loud, quiet, classy, creative, solid, sophisticated, stylish, primitive, homespun, environmentally friendly, understated, matched and more. Larger plants may require heavier and stronger pot materials to prevent the pot from blowing over or keep the roots from breaking the pot.