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Master Composter Application

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Chicago Master Composter Program 2007


Name ___________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

City and State___________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Work Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________

1. Please check your affiliation:

____Chicago Master Gardener ____Chicago Department of Environment

____Chicago Dept. of Streets & Sanitation ____Chicago Park District

____Chicago School for Ag Sciences ____Fuller Park Community Dev. Corp.

____Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance ____University of Illinois Extension

___Home Gardener

2. Please describe why you are interested in becoming a Chicago Master Composter:

3. Please rate your composting experience (check one):

(No experience) ____1 ____2 ____3 ____4 ____5 (A lot of experience)

4. List any languages you speak or write fluently, other than English:

5. My neighborhood is_________________. My alderman is _____________________.

6. Please indicate times you are generally available and not available for outreach activities by placing an A for times you are generally available, OR placing an N for times you are generally not available. Please note: This does not commit you to any specific date. It is used to help connect volunteers with projects. Remember you are required to do 10 hours on weekends manning the Rotline at the Garfield Park Conservatory Plant Clinic.

Daytime Evenings

Sunday ______ ______

Monday ______ ______

Tuesday ______ ______

Wednesday ______ ______

Thursday ______ ______

Friday ______ ______

Saturday ______ ______

7. Please indicate the type of scheduling notice that fits your lifestyle (Yes or No)

____I need to schedule activities well in advance of the event.

____I am available on short notice, 1-7 days.

____I am available some days for emergency fill-ins.

I __________________________________________agree to attend all three training workshops – Oct. 2007 and complete 20 hours of community outreach teaching composting in Chicago neighborhoods Oct. 2007 – Sept 2008 if I am accepted into the Chicago Master Composter Program.

Signature_______________________________________________ Date____________

Application Deadline is Sept. 24, 2007

Please mail, email or fax your application to the location below. The cost for participating in the program is $50. Please make checks payable to University of Illinois Extension.

Please send, fax or email your application to:

Nancy Kreith

University of Illinois Extension

3807 W. 111th Street

Chicago, IL 60655

Or to:, or fax: (773) 233-0910.

For More Information about the Master Composter Program

Please contact Nancy Kreith at or 773-233-0476.

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