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Ode to Compost

Posted by Ron Wolford -

The following is an Ode to Compost written by Vicky Grogan who just finished Master Composter training at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Ode to Compost

Ole Ole-Ole Ole

I'm cooking up compost today

And it's Hot! Hot! Hot!

My carbons high, my nitrogens low

I've got the proper ratio

And it's Hot! Hot! Hot!

Watered til my piles a sponge

Air is moving cuz I turned it some

And it's Hot! Hot! Hot!

First psychophiles are in my bin

Then mesophiles are kickin in

Sterilized at 155 over 3 to 5 days

Thermophilics thrive!

And their Hot! Hot! Hot!

Weeds are frying in the heat

Pathogens we must defeat

Keep it Hot! Hot! Hot!

Chop the yard waste for a faster time

Microos and Macros want to dine

Keep it Hot! Hot! Hot!

5 wheelbarrow loads is a cubic yard

Keeps the Fungi working hard

Perfect size lets air flow through

Now it's really up to you

So here we go

Compost in the veggie space

Reduces lead found in that place

Mulch in the garden–Hot! Hot! Hot!

Dressing on the lawn–Hot! Hot! Hot!

Amend your soil–Hot! Hot! Hot!

A start for seedlings it could be

Mix a potting soil

Or a compost tea

Start it Hot! Hot! Hot!

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