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Master Composter Record Keeping

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Hello Master Composter Interns,

First of all, I was very impressed with ALL of your presentations. GREAT JOB! Thanks to those of you who left their projects for Extension use. You will make fine Extension Master Composters.

As promised, attached are the hours record sheet, demographic sheet (remember to count youth in two places), and worm resources. I am still working on updating the Chicago compost resource list.

Link to MC Blog:
Updates will be added shortly. Finally, how are your worms?

Any questions/concerns? I will be in touch with volunteer opportunities. For now, everyone is invited to come to the Ag. School at his/her leisure to assist with chopping up garden waste for the compost bins. Thank you.
Nancy Kreith
Extension Program Coordinator
University of Illinois Extension
3807 W. 111th Street
Chicago, IL. 60655
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fax: 773.233.0910
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