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Multi-colored worms

Worms Eat My Garbage Book Order

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Hello again Master Composters, I had forgotten to inform you about the Worms Eat My Garbage book order. I learned that the hand-written prices on the Flowerfield Enterprises order forms reflect prices including shipping (I missed the fine print). One pound of redworms stands at $24.

As far a class book order, here is the deal: Retail price: $12.95 each If we order 10 or more we will get 40% OFF so it would be roughly $7.77 per book, plus shipping I will go ahead and place the order if 10 or more of you are interested. The books can be picked up from the Ag. School or Garfield Park during MG monthly meetings for $9 each or I can mail the book to you for a cost of $11 each. Once I receive the $11 check I will ship the book to you.

Please let me know by Nov. 10 if you are interested.

Thank you.
Nancy Kreith
Extension Program Coordinator
University of Illinois Extension
3807 W. 111th Street
Chicago, IL. 60655
office: 773.233.0476
fax: 773.233.0910
cell: 708.567.6101

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