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Worm Composting Program in Oak Park

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Hello Master Composters, Happy New Year!

Volunteer opportunities will be rolling in with spring just around the corner. Here is one of the first of many: We are looking for one Master Composter to assist with a compost talk/demo. We will provide worms bin, handouts, microscopes, presentation board, puzzles, etc. The school is in Oak Park and the date is Feb. 11, 2009. Please see details below:

Holmes Elementary School in Oak Park would like to have a Master Composter come to speak about composting and vermicomposting on 2/11. Seven Generations Ahead is sponsoring the talk. We plan on having custodial staff, food service staff, parent volunteers and students attending. Please let me know which date works the best for the Master Composter. I believe the start time would be 2:00 p.m., and will confirm that time.

Please contact Nancy Kreith at if interested.

Thank you, Nancy

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