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Happy 2010!!

Posted by Nancy Kreith -

Hello Master Composters!

The new year brings new beginnings.

I will be adding posts to the new MC Blog here! All of the emails that I send to you will be posted at this blog for your reference. Plus other neat links and news on composting will be posted here. Please save this website address into your favorites. Or you can always find the link at the very end of my emails in my signature.

All of you have been entered into the Master Gardener Hours Recording database at: BECAUSE this is the Master Gardener database you will see many events that DO NOT pertain to you. Please don't be alarmed. The events will appear in alphabetical order and I will list events for Master Composters as "MC" then the event name. Please mail me if you have trouble finding events. If you complete independent projects outside of Extension opportunities please note me of that and they will be added to database.

DATABASE LOG-IN CODE (for intern class of 2009)
I will be sending each of you your own unique code in a separate email. Please save this code and use it for your first time log in. You enter the code and then are allowed to set up your account using your full name as the user-name and a personal password. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.

You can always enter hours the old fashioned way too---on paper! I promise I will eventually compost it.

Here is to a great 2010!
See you soon,

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