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Hello Worm Lovers!

Posted by Nancy Kreith -

Adventures of Herman

I was very pleased to learn of this upcoming Vermiculture Conference. Where have I been? It has only been going on for nine years. Hah. It is a little far from Chicago though, but sounds like it would be most worth the trip. That is why I am spreading the word about the conference to inform my fellow worm lovers. Rhonda Sherman, Extension Specialist and Conference Chair states, "it is the only training for commercial vermicomposters in the U.S. Last year we had 85 people from 17 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico." Now those are some happy composters! Well represented too. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my fondness of worms. If you are someone that does not know the benefits of composting worms learn more from our mascot Herman at:

10th Annual NCSU Vermiculture Conference


Thursday and Friday - May 27-28, 2010


DPS Staff Development Center

Meeting Room M1

2107 Hillandale Rd.

Durham, North Carolina 27705

Learn more and find conference updates at:

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