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New Learning Garden Forum Web Site

Posted by Nancy Kreith -

I recently discovered this excellent Web site. Please consider sharing your resources at Also, please notify your constituents of this wonderful resource. Anne Nagro was kind enough to add the GreenNet website link on this site, under partners. Thanks Anne.

A new, locally produced Web site is up and running that encourages educators, parents and community advocates to share their knowledge of learning gardens. is a one-stop share-site for learning how to start, maintain and improve gardens that teach children and adults about the environment, sustainability, healthy eating, core values and life skills, self-reliance, math / science / art, and more.

The goal of is to give people confidence and support when taking on these worthwhile projects. Why re-create the wheel when so many excellent garden programs can be modeled after? Visitors can find and contribute details about learning garden projects, useful links and resources; subscribe to the monthly e-zine; and post questions and suggestions in the forum.

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