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Chicago Urban Gardening

The day to day experiences of a University of Illinois Extension Urban Horticulture Educator in Chicago, Illinois

Poinsettias for the Holiday

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Nothing says Christmas like a big, beautiful red poinsettia. Poinsettias are also available in shades of pink, white and purple. Keep your poinsettias thriving throughout the holiday season by following a few simple tips: After you have made your poinsettia selection, make sure it is wrapped properly because exposure to low temperatures even for a few minutes can damage the...

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Looking Back at the Drought

Posted by Ron Wolford -

As we get closer to the end of another year, many of us often take the time to reflect back on the events of the past year. Horticulturally, the most important event of the 2005 growing season was the drought. I have been a part of the Chicago gardening scene for almost 22 years and I can not remember a dry spell starting so early in the growing season and continuing through the fall. A...

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