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Chicago Urban Gardening

The day to day experiences of a University of Illinois Extension Urban Horticulture Educator in Chicago, Illinois
W Spruce alb 10 C

Spruce Disorder Found for First Time in Illinois

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Sudden Needle Drop (SNEED) caused by Setomelanomma holmii has been discovered for the first time in Illinois. The University of Illinois Plant Clinic has diagnosed spruce samples from both central and northeastern Illinois. "While SNEED has been found in several surrounding states, this is a first find in Illinois," said Suzanne Bissonnette, director of the U of I Plant Clinic....

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A red rose in the garden

Six Spring Rose Pruning Pointers

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Spring is an annual process of renewal for gardeners and for roses. Don't be afraid to prune your roses. Roses are tough plants and will even survive your pruning mistakes. The main goal in rose pruning in the spring is to open up the center of the plant to increase light and air circulation. The following are a few tips to guide your...

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