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Ice Storm

Ice Storm Damage: What to Do

Posted by Ron Wolford -

One cannot appreciate the damage ice causes to trees until they've experienced a heavy ice storm. Normally major ice storms do not occur on a regular basis. According to the Chicago Tribune this four day stretch of frozen precipitation hasn't occurred in the Chicago Metro region since 1924. If our warmer winters continue, ice storms may be a more common occurrence in Chicagoland.

The following are web sites that will help you deal with ice storms and other winter weather:

How to Care for Ice-Damaged Trees

Heavy accumulations of snow and ice can cause major structural damage to trees and shrubs. The damaged limbs should be properly removed. This University of Illinois Extension web site provides a guide for homeowners seeking to repair damaged plant material.

Trees and Ice Storms: The Development of the Ice Storm-Resistant Urban Tree Population

The University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point developed this web site for city planners and homeowners that describes just how susceptible certain tree species are to ice storms. Information on how ice storms form, tree features that make trees susceptible and resistant to ice storms, ice storm management and prevention, plus a table with susceptibility ratings of specific urban trees to ice damage is also provided.

Winter Storm Resource Center

This University of Illinois Extension web site offers links to current weather conditions around the state, up-to-date traffic and air travel information, plus information on how to deal with snow and ice storm related damage.

Prepare Before Winter Storms Strike

This web site includes a set of 12 fact sheets on preparing for winter danger.

Food Safety When the Power Goes Out

This University of Illinois Extension press release outlines what to do to keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer safe during extended power outages from winter and summer storms.

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