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Chicago Urban Gardening

The day to day experiences of a University of Illinois Extension Urban Horticulture Educator in Chicago, Illinois
Ann Kauth, Chicago Master Gardener Intern
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New Composting System at Chicago International Charter School

Posted by Ron Wolford -

I traveled to the north side of Chicago today. It is always an adventure for a southsider like me to travel to thenorth side with its densely populated neighborhoods, angled streets and resident parking areas. Finding a parking space can be like a quest for gold.

I went north to attend the Chicago International Charter School-Irving Park Elementary School's unveiling of their new Solar Energy and composting systems. I was invited to the event by Chicago Master Gardener intern Ann Kauth. She did a great job working to organize the event.

The star of the day was their new composting system made from plastic barrels. The 12+ barrels are meant to compost all the school's cafeteria and garden waste. The compost barrels have knobs on them to allow the students to turn them. Eventually they would like to sell their compost at the Independence Park Farmer's Market. The composting system was designed be students working with Architreasures.

There are also plans to expand their garden. The school is also raising chickens.

Cook County Extension Youth Gardening program organizer, Kate Weinans was at the event demonstrating how to do worm composting.

This school is setting an example for other schools in the integration of environmental education into the curriculum.

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