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Yale University Going Green

Posted by Ron Wolford -

At World Economic Forum, mere talk isn't enough. "We cannot wait for our governments to act," Yale President Richard Levin told delegates on Thursday. "Large organizations with the power to act independently should take matters into their own hands and begin to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions now."

Levin has made good on his own call, implementing a program that he hopes will make Yale the greenest university in the United States.

Part of that program is the Yale Sustainable Food Project. Yale students, faculty, and staff, President Richard Levin, and Alice Waters founded the Yale Sustainable Food Project in 2001. The Project seeks to nourish a culture in which the pleasures of growing, cooking, and sharing food are integral to each student's experience at Yale.

The Project was established with the understanding that many of the world's most important questions regarding health, culture, the environment, and the global economy are deeply connected to what we eat and how it is produced. Food cannot stand apart from agriculture, the environment, or the communities where it is grown. The Project's work underscores Yale's ability to advance local, national, and international dialogue on these global issues.

Source: Newsweek Magazine

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