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Pubs Plus Website Enhanced

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Farmers, home gardeners, and people needing information on money management or community development now have an enhanced outlet open 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a revised University of Illinois Extension website. PubsPlus can be found at: .

"Pubs Plus is a source for books, CDs, and other educational materials prepared by experts in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences," explained Molly Bentsen, U of I Extension communications specialist. "It is a continuation of something Extension has been doing for years--offering fact-based information to people who can put it to work in their own homes, businesses, classrooms, and lives."

Bentsen said that recent revisions to the website have improved its search mechanisms, making it easier for users to get to the information they need. Items can be purchased online through the use of a credit card. Once, such publications were only available for purchase through check or money order and the transactions came by mail, phone or FAX (purchasers can still use all those methods in addition to ordering online).

"The educational materials available cover a wide range of topics," Bentsen noted. "For instance, agricultural producers have access to a variety of publications and products to help them in their enterprises. There are materials helpful to commercial horticulturists and a web-based record-keeping program for students with FFA projects. Teachers can find agriscience kits and other instructional resources for their classes from kindergarten through high school."

Materials are grouped under the following areas: Agriculture; Classroom Materials; Dollars and Sense; Environment; Family Matters; Gardening; Healthy Living; and Leadership and Community.

"Spanish products are being added as soon as they become available," Bentsen noted. "New and seasonal items and special promotions will be updated regularly. Visitors can also choose to receive e-mail alerts about new publications in their areas of interest."

News writer: Bob Sampson

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