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Getting the Most out of Manure Share!!

Posted by Randy Fonner -

Right now we have over 160 people signed up on Manure Share ( with 50 of those people looking for manure.

How can Manure Share help you?

There are 2 ways you can use Manure Share?

1) Sign up on which ever list fits your need - looking for manure or looking to get rid of manure. Then sit back and wait for someone to contact you. Passive approach!!

2) Sign up on one of the lists - but stop there - go to the other list - sort by county to find someone near you and see what they are looking for and then IF you find someone that may fit your need - contact them to see what arrangements you can get worked out.

This is the aggressive approach!!!!

You DO NOT have to sign up to use/search the 2 lists, BUT if you do not sign up no one will ever find you!!!

If you sign up but never go to the other list to find a match then you are depending on someone else having enough initiative to find you.

How can you improve Manure Share?

The more people that are signed up, the more likely you and everyone else will find a match. I don't think anyone wants to drive 75 or 100 miles to drop off or pick up manure without very strong financial incentives. Spread the word about Manure Share - put up notices at stables, riding trails, feed stores, vets, etc.

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