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Manure Talk is for people interested in solid manure management and manure composting for horses, goats, sheep and beef

Register by May 9 for Midwest Composting School

Posted by Ellen Phillips -

May 31-June 2 at Illinois State University

This three-day workshop offers comprehensive training in compost production and marketing.

Since 1999, educators representing Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin have hosted an annual Midwest Composting School. Illinois, for the first time, has been asked to host the School in 2011. Accordingly, the Midwest Composting School 2011 will feature an intensive three-day program that will train participants in the science and art of composting subjects, including but not limited to: handling of composting feed stocks, enhancement of compost quality, sampling and analytical processes, environmental regulation, compost soil application rates, food waste composting, composting landscape waste, composting of horse bedding and the understanding of compost markets and the marketing process. The school focuses on a combination of hands-on training, lecture and discussion, compost facility operator panel discussions, problem solving exercises and a tour of Central Illinois compost facilities.
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