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Sexual Health from the Inside Out

Posted by Tammi A. Tannura -

Welcome to the initial post of Sexual Health from the Inside Out. The intention is to use this blog to address questions and commentary about a variety of health and health education issues, particularly those issues related to sexual and reproductive health. Sexual and reproductive health includes topics such as birth control, sexually transmitted infections, HPV vaccines, breast and cervical cancer, abstinence, communication, relationships, relationship abuse, sexuality education, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, sexual orientation, how to talk to your kids about sex, sexual assault, prostate cancer, and the list goes on.

Improving reproductive and sexual health requires empowering people with information needed to make healthy, respectful and responsible choices. Information posted here will be medically accurate, practical, and easy to understand.

Posts will be made at least monthly, perhaps more often. Depending on current events in the news about sexual and reproductive health, posts could be made as often as weekly.

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I loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Thumbs up, and keep it going!
by Richard Lewington on Monday 8/13/2012