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Access to Birth Control

Posted by Tammi A. Tannura -

There has been a lot of talk in the news about access to birth control. This presents a timely opportunity to address access to birth control for minors.

According to the Illinois Birth Control Services to Minors Act, birth control services and information can be provided to any minor if the minor:
1. is married
2. is a parent
3. is pregnant
4. is referred by a trusted adult such as a pastor, parent, legal guardian or other such entity
5. has consent from their parent/legal guardian
6. would be at risk for a serious health hazard if the birth control service was not provided

Let's take into consideration that the average age in which a person has first intercourse is 17 for both boys and girls. Remember, that's the average age--some young people have first intercourse before or after age 17. While it is always desirable for a young person to talk with their parent about health issues, particularly sexual health issues, many young people would still have sex and not seek reproductive health services if they were required to tell their parents.

The following resources provide more details as well as requirements in other states.

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